Servicing of Gas Appliances

You should always remember:

“You cannot taste it, you cannot see it, you cannot even smell it”

Each year approximately 20 people die from Carbon Monoxide poisoning which are caused by gas appliances and flues which have either, not been serviced, installed or maintained properly.

Carbon Monoxide poisoning can kill you in a matter of hours without any warning.

There are a number of essential guidelines that should be followed with gas appliances.

NEVER use a gas appliance if you think that it is not working properly. Examples of this is if the flame looks yellow or orange, if there is soot or stains around the appliance and if the pilot light frequently blows out.

NEVER cover an appliance or block the convection air vents.

NEVER block or obstruct any fixed ventilation grills or air bricks.

NEVER block or cover an outside flue.

“All gas consumers are advised to have appliances checked for safety at least every 12 months by a registered Gas Engineer.”

Labrum Engineering are able to service gas appliances, which can not only minimise the risk of danger, but this will increase the chances of the gas appliance lasting for a longer period.

Guidelines from the HSE state that:

At risk from carbon monoxide poisoning if
  • Your appliance was poorly installed

  • Your appliance is working incorrectly

  • Your appliance has not been maintained regularly

  • There is a lack of fresh air in the room

  • Your chimney or flue is blocked

  • You allow a non registered gas engineer to install or maintain your appliances