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Energy Efficiency - Gas Services

Servicing your gas Appliances

Blockages in your heating and ventilation system are very common. Having your gas appliances serviced annually you can improve the efficiency by up to 60%.

There are 5 key points to bear in mind if you want a safe and economic gas heating system.

These are:

  • Some insurance companies will not cover your company if your gas appliance is the cause of a fire and it has not been serviced;
  • Your gas appliances should be checked at least every 12 months by a registered gas engineer;
  • Never use a gas appliance if you think that it is not working properly. Examples of this is if the flame looks yellow or orange, if there is soot or stains around the appliance and if the pilot light frequently blows out.
  • Never block or obstruct any fixed ventilation grills or air bricks.
  • Annual boiler servicing can assist boiler efficiency, thus saving energy bills.

Change your old boiler to an Energy Efficient Boiler

Boilers account for approx 60% of carbon dioxide emissions in gas heated properties.

The lifespan of a high efficient condensing boiler is approximately 15 years.

By replacing your old boiler with a new high efficient condensing boiler with all the correct controls will make a massive difference to your energy bills overtime.

So what makes a high efficient condensing boiler so different?

High efficient condensing boiler recovers as much as possible of the waste heat which is normally wasted through the flue of a normal conventional boiler.

High efficiency condensing boilers can now run Up to 110% efficient as opposed to the 70% that a conventional boiler would run at.

The Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme has been introduced to help companies wanting to reduce their carbon footprint financially.

The Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme

The Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme (ECA) allows businesses to claim 100% first year capital allowance on investments in energy saving equipment, against taxable profits. (information taken from

If you are interested in the ECA Scheme and would like further information please visit